This Is It - 2021
2021-01-04 00:00:00 (UTC)


Hi Diem!

Did a bit of work in my physical journal today. I don't really do resolutions - 9/10 you fall out of them quickly and it just makes a lot of people feel worse by the end - but I do like to think about things in the coming year that I can look forward to! So I wrote a list of things that I know (or I'm pretty sure) will happen this year that I'm excited about that I can check off as they come.

I also came up with some things that I might want to try? I guess kind of like resolutions? But I'm not putting pressure on myself to do these things or I've failed or something. They're just things that I've been thinking about for a bit that might be cool to actually try now. I think it might be cool but I'm not resolved to do it. Is that still just a resolution? Am I coming across as someone trying to be ~quirky~ and different now? Oh well. It's a brainstorming list for like...experimentation.

...And now I've got a comment saying I'm trying to manipulate the law and overhaul the English language??? Somehow????? Should I add "Assume control of the law and language" to my 2021 list now or is that just a given?


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