from my heart
2021-01-04 11:27:00 (UTC)

5% better mentality

11:27 am

kind of in a weird mindset / mentality today. i feel lonely yet i cant imagine myself to get close to somebody again. i also feel a tad bit terrible when i get slightly irritated at my mom. i know i should just cut myself some slack since nobody is perfect..

anyways, my goal is that everyday i become 5% better than yesterday. it doesnt mean my lifestyle or my mood has to be 5% better. but just my efforts. 5% better in my actions and my way of thinking

its not like im depressed or anything but you know. i feel lonely and i wish i had a friend to share anything with but ill be patient and just work on myself and learn to be happy. i hope that one day i will meet a friend that will be excited to be with me as i am with them &&& that we can connect :>

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