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2021-01-04 16:23:00 (UTC)

Cue the music.

My life is starting to feel like an annoying romantic movie. A sad one this time. I think I've found the one guy that gets me, the one guy who's brain works. THE ONE GUY I WOULD TOTALLY DO ANYTHING FOR. The more I think about it, the more sad I get. I mean I've been at home the entire year last year and being unemployed is driving me nuts. If I decide to go back to China I might be losing the most this time. He is kind, soft, gentle, understanding, honest, thoughtful, caring, considerate, funny, he has this innocence about him that I've never seen before in a guy. He has this peaceful energy and it is so inviting. When he is near me I can't help but feel at ease. I could sit here and write this list all night. He might be it. He makes me think about things that I haven't before. He has the most amazing family and the fact that family is important to him makes me feel like everything that I'm thinking and feeling is right and for a reason. We can talk about anything and we have fun doing nothing at all. I don't remember the last time I've felt this way. SIGH. Let's allow time to decide.