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2021-01-03 23:47:24 (UTC)

Ready for the week 💪

Ok, got my ducks all lined up. Work is all caught up. Dishes and Laundry are all done. Forget hunting for firewood. I'm just ordering a cord from someplace that delivers. Paid all my bills for the month. Got in touch with my close friends to see how they're doing. Installed the new bigger spare tire back into the spare tire compartment of my truck. Dang thing is heavy. Dragged the new spare out of my truck bed yesterday and didn't realize it was that heavy. The unexpected weight of the bigger tire threw me off. Lots of sidewall plys in this ATV type tire. Good thing I was lifting it correctly and used my legs to bring it down otherwise the unexpected weight would have messed up my back. Man parts are still intact :) That's the main thing. 👍

I feel pretty good tonight. Recovered from yesterday's workout. Whatever muscle ache I felt from yesterday is pretty much gone. Not completely but meh... I'm used to it. No gym on Sundays so that is my day of rest. I'm sure tomorrow we'll have a flood of new gym members attending class for the 1st or 2nd time. Should be fun meeting all these new people. Hopefully some of them stick around for awhile. Usually, 1 in 5 stick around for more than 6 months.

Dinner was simple today. Craved some Snow crab so I went shopping. Seasoned the crab, added some lemons off of my lemon tree and squeezed the juice into the wrap before wrapping it completely and pretty much tossed in into my pellet grill along with a couple brocollii heads seasoned then wrapped. Cooked some rice in my rice cooker. In 15 min, Everything was done. Easy-peasy. Added some soy sauce and furikake on the rice and tadaaaa!! Dinner is served.

Took some melatonin before bed because I know I'm a little too excited about my truck going to the shop soon so I needed help with my sleep tonight. So yeah. Nice day today. I love days where I never even in the slightest got even a tad bit upset at anything. Today was that day. 🥰 Good night y'all.

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