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2021-01-03 10:17:37 (UTC)

Love my Sundays 😇

Love my Sunday mornings. I gonna have my customary coffee in bed. 3rd best thing to be doing in bed besides sleeping in it and the other thing of course 😈. Taking my sweet ass time from having to get up. The only exception being to go #1 and to get up for my coffee. Otherwise, I'm gonna chill for an hr, sitting up in bed not doing a dang thing except just goofing off with my laptop. I still smell the lingering scent of my parfum de marly on me from yesterday. Gonna just shoot from the hip and babble about nonsense on this post letting my mind wander off to silly meaningless topics because because.

Funny thing popped into my head. After gym class yesterday, a bunch of us gym peeps were chatting/socializing outside. The subject was about gym members from our old gym that hasn't been around anymore. You'd think we'd chat about the hot guys and gals? Nope, not even close. The subject got real interesting when they started talking about the stinky gym peeps. OMG!! I was embarrassed just talking about it. But yeah, we do have those stinky gym people alright because when they were talking about them, I knew exactly who they were. And if you think these are men, you got that wrong. The two that they were talking about were two women!!

Both women were sweet and nice in my book. I worked out with them before a few times in the past and I knew and liked their personality. One was a small skinny lady. Don't know why she was even in the gym but I guess for the cardio. She was here on a work Visa and worked for Intel Corp nearby. The other lady was married and a bit taller. She had a normal body meaning not skinny or fat. She too was nice. But unfortunately they both did smell. I think it was from not using deodorant. Might be their culture or something. I didn't even ask what race or religion they were because it didn't matter to me and to be honest, I don't know the difference between a lot of Eastern Indian people or much about their culture so I just shut my mouth when it comes to that. Only one I got close to was Blue Faye but she was from Iraq I believe? Glad she didn't stink because we got up close and personal.... a few times. hehe. One positive thing to say about her huh? hehe. Anyway, I'm drifting. But it was embarrassing to be talking about other gym peeps specifically who the stinky ones were. Wasn't all that comfortable talking about them. I didn't say much. Just indicated I recall who they were.

I do recall one Romanian woman that used to go to the old gym and would always jump into my group when we'd break off into groups of 5 (The cool kids section as I'd jokingly say) She once told me straight out and very loud that one lady was so stink, even when she left the station, she could still smell where she was standing. I sort of laughed and thought it was cute. She had a Sister about the same body type. Short ladies. About 5'2" but they were pretty strong and the one that hung out with me could do some cool tricks on the jump rope. She ended up quitting the gym. Got too expensive for her I guess and I have to say, my gym is expensive especially if you're paying monthly in lieu of an annual plan. She was 24 and I'm pretty sure she was hitting on me. Or maybe just being friendly and was always putting her arm around me. I couldn't taint my gym atmosphere though. I had to keep my gym clean of any possible drama so I instead took a lot of cold showers. hehe.

I take that back though. I did ask one gym member out. It was someone from another gym so I thought it'd be ok. It was at the annual gym Christmas party and all the gyms got together. We had like a dozen gyms so I figured it'd be ok to ask her. Not like we're ever gonna work out together being at different gyms right? Anyway, she turned me down. I was a stranger so yeah, just went straight up to her and asked for her number. I had liquid courage in me and my friend was egging me on confirming for a fact the she was single. So, stupid me listened and asked her out. She turned me down. Don't know why, I'm only a stranger to her and never met her in my life until that day at the party. haha. Still, I didn't mind because I'm not seeing her again anyway until maybe the next Christmas party.

Fast forward a month or two later. My gym's attendance wasn't doing so good on Fridays so they closed on Fridays. I needed my workout still and so I had a choice to hit the gym at the East or West of my gym. I chose the gym to the East. Low and behold, guess who was there and at that time slot? Yup, it was her. The lady I asked for her number at the party. God fricking damn it is all I could tell myself. Stupid idiot. That's what I get for not following my own rules. It was awkward for sure. But I left her alone and it was only on Fridays that I'd see her maybe so it was all good. Of course, my old gym had a dispute with the landlord and the lease so the gym owner just decided not to renew their lease. Of effe me!!! SMH.. hehe. That just made it worse. So whatcha gonna do? Fast forward a few months and I'm starting to get along with the gym peeps from this gym and the coach too. Felt like my second gym family was coming along. No more group cliques when we were split into groups of 4 or 5 anymore. But guess who joins my group? Yup, it was her. She had choices to go to the other 4 or 5 groups that were forming but nope, goes straight over to where I was. I didn't do anything. Just worked out.Then she goes and teases me. When we gather in our little group, we form a square but facing the instructor. Well, she'd purposely or accidentally be in front of me (pre-covid) so that I could read the label off of her yoga pants while were doing dead lifts, side lunges, squats, you know pretty much what I'm talking about. She was killing me!!!! Either she was oblivious to the fact or she knew what she was doing. hehe. I laugh now but it was so so crazy at the time. Never asked for her number again though and before anything else could happen, poof!!! Covid came and shut the gym down temporarily. When the gyms were open again, never saw that lady again. She reminded me of 39 year old Susanna Hoffs but either had a touch of Greek or some other Persian decent maybe? Hmm, not sure. Never cared about someone's race so I never really thought much about it. She had big doe eyes you can just stare into. She was in shape and had the curves right where they supposed to be. Sigh.. BTW, I knew her age because I know a coach/worker/admin person at the gym that looks up people's files and she tells me how old they are. Yes, bad boy I know. 🤪

Oh, and the gym classes are packed again. Lots of new people. I can see they are looking around not sure what to do but coach ex-eye-candy is there walking around I guess doing a pretty good job checking people's form and assisting/correcting them as needed. So that's good. That's how it should be. Learning to do things correctly so they don't get hurt and to make sure they are doing it right to maximize the workout.

Well, it's almost time for church. It's online for now so it's not the same but there are some positives. The site comes with an online bible so when the pastor tells us to turn to something like Luke 1:2, guess who is the last guy usually there? Because of my fingers not 100% so some numbness is present, I'm the last person to turn to that section. But now? I can just punch it in and I'm one of the first guys there. So yeah, can't be all that bad. Plus I don't have to dress up in a suit so it's a lot easier to get ready for church nowadays.

Gotta go for now. Trying to get the evil outta me. hehe. Jk. I do have a lot of self improvements to work on though. Bye for now.