La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-01-03 16:15:55 (UTC)

Aiming for the best version of me!

My main purppose for this 2021 is igniting the fire that once burned inside of me, with a untopoble hunger for achiving my dreams, and yes I have achieved all of those dreams, but now it is time for new dreams, and new goals. Architect of my life I make the way, I create as I go in search of that dream, I am become like the lyrics in this song so well describe...
The best version of me
You didn't meet her
Because you always stopped me
With your bad attitude
I could never have been, who I was
Because I loved you in your way
And I forgot to be myself

The best version of me
It's about to come
Because I'm recovering
All my security
The one that you took from me
With your pointless jealousy
With your way of thinking

Any how this is how I feel, sometimes it hapends both ways in both genders, either one put's aside their dreams to help our partner reach his, and we forget entirely about ourselfs, well this year I promised my self I will find the best version of me and go for what it is I want. Enjoy the ride baby!!

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