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2021-01-02 18:27:33 (UTC)

Good bye 2020!

Well what an endidng to this 2020, great family dinner cooked by muah, so proud of that, every one enjoy the turkey and side dishes. I called my mom this morning and it was great to see one of my aunts visiting her I sure miss so many people and can't wait to be there for my nephews wedding this year. I told my husband and he replied, well you'll be going on your own and I was like that would be wonderful. sometime a small break from eachother is much needed, even though at the end I know he will come along.
My son had a great 15th birthday away from home and he looked very happy having a good time. I miss him a lot but know he is out there finding his way and I am so proud of him for that.
I reached out to a few friends this year not as many as other times, and that's ok sometimes we have to choose wisely who we invest our time in and I've learn that the hard way. Any how it almost seems that my new year planning will start tomarrow, had a few set backs and I can't wait to start my proyects, slowly but surely I will get them done. So Happy 2021 to all of you remember to stay happy!!