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2021-01-03 10:36:17 (UTC)

New Year

Well, about freaked out, server was down.....
But, it’s up now, and the new year has come.

I have my music playing.
Trying to pick myself up a bit.
Indio and I have not seen each other since Christmas.
So, 10 days now.
He put a ton of thought and effort into Christmas. $100 and a card. 🤣😂
It’s all good.
We don’t talk anymore really.
I’m not sure what head game he’s up to, but I’m not going there.
One day things will move in the direction they need to.
I put in for some help on finding a job social security approves of.
Still no luck in finding an attorney.

DD1 had his birthday yesterday. He doesn’t stay in touch anymore.
It’s all good tho.
New year, new things to do.
I signed up for a female site. Will work on things to change in my life.
One day at a time.

Oh, and my ex, DewDrop decided to make a new Snapchat and request I add him....🤣😂 not going to happen.

But, just an update.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.