If I die today
2021-01-03 06:38:10 (UTC)


We live in a world that labels wrongs as right. Injustice , justice. The media pours into us exatcly what we should think and they layer it thick on thier schedule and press go pull the trigger to gain thier own adgenda. Public education is teaching us what they want us to know what they want reality be. Knowledge is power and there is evil wickedness that wouldn't dare want to empower the oppposition. Theres people who think they can go to school to obtain God's calling or favor. Sure God can teach you and reveal things and use a skill or 2 outta whatcha learned but how niavie to think that a course alone quialifies you or gives you authority. Sadly we're giving up power in a society that questions nothing and blindly goes along for a cheap price should questions and courage arise. If someone doesn't teach the next generation diffrent they will not know what gender they are they will not know that God created them He created the earth. We've redefined the word love so much that it's a loss trying to exsplain how God loves without get slammed of accusations. History repeats itself and we're not being told the the truth so as for in this physical body in society we're in for a trainwreck unless we use our very own brain and mind. Ask a question a single question is a start. Refuse to be a dependant victim. Our coins are gone bc the banks have asked us to help and turn in our change to cure the shortage. So its being bought back and guess what it's not going back out they are transforming our currency. Telling us we're helping and then not redistrubiting the coins back out to bring this fate to us that has been intended. The law has provisions for medical condtions that should not wear a mas-k bc it will do more harm than good look at the conidtions stated to be aggravated by the self suffication devices and alll the at risk people who suffer the most are the ones so afraid to be without one. They feel soo fearful of this "germ" that they are compromising thier health more not knowing it's a trojan horse. If we exterminate the last generation not olny will it gain money , and power but knowledge will be covered up wisdom will no longer be shared. Self sufficency and skills will fly away when theres noone to teach us. We're in a deception and a lot of surrender is happening in so many ways. Oh boy there's a lot of con spiricies I wanna tackled just can't right now and what fruit would it bear. A lie is a lie and we don't have to settle for it just bc its poplar or appears poplar and it's okay to stand and endure the consquence when you are right it'll suck being chasitised outcast restricted who knows maybe even tortured but if you conform the cycle will never end. Where does these leave humanity? So Im a boatload of random thoughts my info yup comes a lot from you-tube and citing every source accuratly is not my talent but places I look included
the fullerton informer
the controversy 7
truth unedited
the healthy american
Three hearts church in Texas
Noone is 100percent correct but there are bits and pieces of the puzzle to be put together and quickly before it all falls apart and children and elderly alike are lost.