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2021-01-02 19:15:15 (UTC)

The day is finally slowing down 👅

The day is finally somewhat over. Now it's time to chill at home. First up was my crossfit class. Saturday mornings are the toughest. Ex coach eye candy was teaching today. She hasn't said a word to me since last week. Today, she finally broke the ice and greeted me. I said a quick hello back. Not going to kiss ass because I didn't want to play these silly games and it was Saturday mornings and mornings should be called detox mornings. Instead, we had AMRAPs!! Ugh!!! This of course is "As many reps as possible in a given amount of time". So in the beginning, the coach will ask veteran gym peeps to demo the routine we're gonna be doing. We had around 9 different things total so she picked out people to demo it to the rest of the class. She picked me to demo the ball slam routine. I don't know how or why but I can slam a slam ball pretty hard. It's sort of semi-flat because of wear and tear but I can slam the ball in a whipping motion from above my head and smalll as I am, I can put a lot of motion on that ball when it hits the floor!! The sound I make is so dang loud. People are going wth and how the hell?! I trip people out when they see and hear me do it. I think It's because I used to play racquetball many years ago so I know how to stay flexible and wind up to slam the ball. Whatever, it's a cool thing to be able to do and it makes the gym more like play instead of just picking up this 30 lb ball up and down till you are exhausted.

Later, I had to find a tire shop that could replace my spare tire to a bigger size that'll match what I'm upgrading my tires too. I'm keeping the stock rim but I needed a tire size that will match my future tires size in case I got a flat. Took awhile but finally found a place that had a 285/75/16 tire. Comparing the side-by-side with the new and old spare, it's big!!! And before you text me with a message, I already thought about that dirty comment of "That's what she said" so don't bother. lol.

Got hungry, went out to eat. Then went firewood shopping. I went to two places and can't believe there were no firewood to be had. Wasted my time really. Should have called. I instead only checked to see if they were open. Shoulda, coulda, woulda! My dumb fault. Ended up driving all the way back to the supermarket a few blocks away from my house and bought the expensive boxes wood again. Walking into the place, I saw a homeless guy so I bought some grub for him. When I went outside, I asked if he was hungry and he said yes sir. Almost looked around to see who this sir was. I got him some hot cooked chicken wings, a bear claw pastry and a long can of beer. I know I know, probably made his life worse for him but the "Feed the homeless good food" Nazi patrol weren't around so too bad. As I was passing the guy the bag of chicken wings, then the pastry, he asked for a couple of bucks to wash it down. Now I know it won't be for water or any drink for that matter. I know it'll be for cigs but I told him I got no cash but got his "washing down" issue taken care of and handed him the beer. hehe.

Chatted with Superstar for a bit. She's still the same superstar. Always happy-happy-joy-joy. Worse than I am. hehe. Chatted with my Lithuanian friend that is now a nurse. She's trying to get a nursing position with the State so we chatted about the good benefits the State has. Funny how people are jealous and somewhat hate the State worker for paying their salaries. I get it. Sure. But if they were offered a job at the State, I bet they'd break the door down getting in. I remember they picked me out of 400-500 applicants so it was no cakewalk for me. Then there is Carrie. With Covid, all restaurants are take out only so we're gonna have a picnic instead. Sounds nice actually so hopefully my truck will be ready with no issues by then.

Gonna let out the pyro in me and light up the fireplace, have a snack, and some wine maybe to "wash it down" haha. Later diary :)

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