taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-01-03 01:06:31 (UTC)

more whacked out theories *nervous laughter*

cancer. it's obviously a tumor in the chest. trapping liquids. that's what's causing the gurgling. the link to that pdf about that woman who's vitals and breathing we're normal but the tightness and gurgling were a thing and they did an ultrasound and found the thing. myoxissa or something.


so this is it eh? *long drag on cig* i'm gonna sit around here for months avoiding the plague whilst cancer makes a meal of my innards. maybe mom was right about the vaping. maybe.

honestly, (seizing) a ticket off this he'll ride, that isn't implicitly self-inflicted.. the perfect resolution?? realistically weighing the options, avoiding further exposure to this just not great timeline, personally, professionally, at large, logically, idk.. do the math.

a dude literally suicide bombed an entire city block in an american city on CHRISTMAS DAY, and a week later total silence from the national media because he was white.

this place is awful.

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