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2021-01-02 22:45:00 (UTC)

Shoutout 2021 Funny Moments:

Thursday January 7: Andrea B cut the balloon:
Evan F: Go Andrea!
(Andrea smashes the balloon to Tiffany's Lap, and she falls down laughing)
Minelli A: Can someone gave the mic! Go Andrea.
Andrea B: (laughing) 90 seconds.
Thursday July 8: Gabrielle David pledge of allegiance moment:
Gabrielle: Ready (laughter)
Evan F: You have to say it before the opening performance!
Gabrielle David: Ready Beg--
Thursday July 22: Ashleigh A reacts to Camila's best friends pictures in throwback:
Ashleigh A: Is that my meme tweet?
Evan: No, I think it's Camila's!

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