If I die today
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2021-01-02 08:12:37 (UTC)

remarkable drinking

All righty so if I die right now I got nothin to say that display who I want to be or anything that leaves the hope or light for others. So I talked to yjud W for hours yesterday. She's suffered a lot of of loss and she's just not happy in generanal. Anyhow I need to make sure I stay in touch with her one way or another. So if I die anytime soon well I was pretty successful at staying drunk till least 7 last night I think by 9 I was out but for Newyears day I did deown myselg with that single serving chanpange to start the day. I cleared the whole bottle of fruit wine by 6ish and most the most of those failed Jello shots. I'm still super bloated. TBH the drunkness did nothing for me IDK I feel okay like maybe I wasnt drunk but reasoably for a my lack of height and weight being under 120lbs I think I over accheived but it was intental:( all for nothing it was preplaneed. Had this not been planned out in my mind I probally coulda been okay sticking in routine and not even a sip althou being the holiday I'm sure I'd talked myself into a drink but if it wasnt here meh id been fine. Im just a moron and pre commited to myself I';d be drunk on the eves and the holiays so mission accomplished now to determine valentines day ? I did assualt my insides thou weather I feel it think it or see I know consquences will catch up so well If I checkout I think some bottles may have helped pave the road. Well sober day(s) ahead so things are cool and I'm into this guy now yes another one but he's dirrent he does not drink bc he doesn't like it and maybe just maybe theres hope to that regardless of man no man people or not maybe I too could have a life without the destructive rescue of a drinking

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