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me and my life
2021-01-02 10:12:28 (UTC)

Note to self

Just work on self, focus on self and mostly on Physical and Mental health because I know its gonna be hard. Coming days are also gonna be hard. Finding job, financial stability and getting a good guy these are gonna take time. And all these tasks are priority and I have to be physically and mentally fit for this to have patience, peace and stability to tackle problems.

Note to self is
Be fit
Be confident
Face problems with confidence because you have had enough and you are strong enough
Thinking about self first is not being selfish. so think of self first
Earn money
Don't fall for fake people
Don't trust anyone easily
Using people for own good without harming them is nothing bad
Go for holidaysssssss and make memories
Make mom happy
Make self proud
Do something extra ordinary
Make this year a good year
Shop and buy what you havnt

i miss him and also hate him. I miss the sweet time more than him, aaahhhhh why is it so hard for me. If Nilu wouldn't have told me about v not interested in my matters I would have called him to share my grief eerrggghhh stupid me. Am alone but not happpy single because am at my age where i need someone to be cheesy about, to be emo about, to be loved you know what i mean. I hope i find someone interesting... ill surely share here.. for now cyaaaaa