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2021-01-01 15:54:51 (UTC)

Once upon a time...😌

Can't help but think about the first time I landed on this site. I see due to Covid and the way the world is nowadays, there are a lot more people on here. Makes me think back about where I was in the beginning. I was in some real life changing drama. Went through hell and back then back to hell and back again. I was so close to going down the wrong path in life. So close.

I wish I had a few pointers when I was going through that hell but it was at least good to vent on here about things that was just too mind blowing for me to understand. Found out later in life that other people are what they are. Can't fix stupid is my simple answer some things and I'm ok with it.

If there was one tip I wish I learned earlier or wish someone told me is to stop listening that that evil bastard/bee-atch that kept you down. Always saying negative things to you. Making you feel so useless. Feeling so low about yourself that you feel you are just wasting air. I know because I even posted it saying I felt like I was wasting air. There were times it was so bad, I didn't even post it on here. It was that bad. That person never stopped stepping on me. Telling me how useless I was. How I deserve all these bad things happening to me. And if you think I'm talking about an ex or a mean parent, that is a big NO!. The person I am talking about and I know from reading posts on this site is the same evil character and that was myself. Yup. Everyone is their own worse critique. They say to themselves they are worthless. Wanting to kill themselves. Too fat. Too ugly. No one wants them and if someone did, they'd lose them fast enough after they found out the real you. Any of this sound familiar? I know it does because I've read it here and I said those familiar words to myself once upon a time. Do you realize that when you say those things to yourself, you hear it and your brain records that stuff. Eventually, you will actually believe it in your heart and soul. So now you know. What are you gonna do?

Now that you know, go and add one more resolution in your 2021 list and add killing your evil inner critique out of you in 2021. Get that out of your system and you'll live a better life. I promise. Then when you become that rich and beautiful self, don't forget me and send me some funds to modify my truck. Haha. kidding . not kidding. I'd love to modify my truck a little bit more.

Start by smiling like a lunatic. Do you know that when you do, the muscles that make a smile triggers things in your brain and you actually do become happy because of some muscle/brain memory thing? It does for me anyway. Live life. It will end one day. Always will be ups and downs. You will die one day. Wouldn't it be nice if you could stay as positive as you could during that little time that we have? Happy New Year everyone!!!!

BTW, three more days before I get my truck into the shop for that much wanted but oh so not needed lift, bigger tires, and rims. :) hehe