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2021-01-01 12:08:03 (UTC)

My already started resolution 😊

I decided a month or so ago (forgot when) that I'll start my own timeframe on the classic New Years Resolution. At the time, I thought to myself why start later when I can start it now? So I believe I start my "New Years Resolution" early by a month or so. Forgot the exact date but it's in my diary post somewhere. No matter as long as I started. I kept it to a minimum. Just 11. Too many will make me forget what I'm even trying to do.

1) Get above 800 on my Fico score.
Update: I think I was in the 730ish in the beginning of the year 2020 and seemed to peak at 750ish so I pushed hard. Paid off credit card balances to zero and voila!! I did it. Goal achieved. I'm now at 805 last I checked? Now I can pick and chose who will give me a loan if I ever need one. Didn't have to wait for 2021 to start.
2) Consistent gym attendance 4-5 times a week.
Update: Since returning from surgery in early Nov, I have been going 5-6 times a week. Goal achieved but like my coaching staff always says, "Being healthy is only temporary, you need to maintain it", So, goal again achieved "temporarily" and will keep gong 5-6 times a week till my body says "uncle!"
3) Get a two pack abs. I know 6 would require way too much commitment for me so 2 pack abs will be hard to get but achievable. Now this will take awhile. Let's see how I do in 2021.
4) Another kayak. Now this is kind of a lame goal but it does require discipline to save for it. I sort of blew a lot of money on my truck recently so I have to save up for this 2nd kayak. I just want it so I can let others enjoy what I do and they can't afford to get a kayak. We aren't talking about the Walmart special. We're talking Hobies. Those darn things are as exensive as a used car. So I need to set my sights so I can get those.
5) Get promoted at work. Now this will be tough. Lots of people got laid off in the private industry so there are a lot of smart people out there in the IT world looking for jobs. We got some people from Cisco and other big boy companies applying for vacancies. But it is a goal I need to strive for. Worse case? I will at least be a better employee harder smarter working employee so it's still a win for me and my job regardless of getting the promotion or not.
6) Be a better friend. I feel I haven't been around my friends so much this year and I probably could have helped my friends a bit more and I need to work on that.
7) Purge more stuff at home. While watching the series "Hoarders" always makes me feel better, I'm still not satisfied with the purging I want to do.
8) Travel. I didn't get to do that this year because of our current issue around the world but I'd like to add that pending what happens with Covid.
9) Get closer to my Siblings. Actually, I already had the eldest Sister come and visit me even after my recovery. I just need to make that more consistent throughout the year for both Sisters. Well, one Sister I'll hang with more if we are able to travel. The other Sister is more of a homebody so she can come visit me more just for fun. My city has more things to do anyway so I'm sure she'll hang out more often.
10) Try to cut down on wearing my thoughts on my sleeve. So many times, I say what I feel. Part of my persona. But I know that I need to shave off a little of that because it can be harsh sometimes. Been working on that but it's a work in progress as it's been my nature for so long, it's an effort to bit my tongue at times. I need it to be natural and not consciously be stifled by me.
11) I need to give and/or donate more. Lots of struggling friends and strangers out there in this crazy economy and I know I can help more. I buy fun, exciting, cool, and expensive but pretty much stupid things that I really do not need. You do notice I don't have that as a goal not to do anymore though right? hehe. Yeah, not gonna happen but It would be better spent helping friends, church, and even the homeless I see all too frequently around my neighborhood. I'll try to do better in this department.

That's it. Trying to keep it simple. I'll check on this post mid year to see what progress I've done at that point.