London Life
2021-01-01 16:59:26 (UTC)

Feeling dodgy

After a long cuddle yesterday, we finally got up and were going to cycle to Hyde Park but we postponed it, as it was already 15:00 when we were ready, and would soon get dark. Instead we just decided to go to Islington and have a coffee on the green. For a change, we went via the circular "square" up a hill in Clerkenwell, then via Theberton Street where we got coffees from the stall. We'd cycled back as far as Barnsbury Square when Jack suggested we turn back up to Cookies and Scream, the vegan cookie place, so we headed back up Liverpool Road and Upper Street, before going back via Lough Road and Thornhill Street, some beautiful terraces.

In the evening, I started to feel flu symptoms coming on so I had a bath and went to bed quite early, writing 45 new year messages to friends.

Today I woke at 11, took some pills and l went back to bed with Jack, while the ache at the top of my leg became excruciating. We started listening to a podcast and fell asleep, after which I felt a bit better.

We were never going to do our River Lea ride, we just stayed warm and watched Oliver, the 1968 version of Oliver Twist which is very long, but did a good job of creating a large part of Victorian London in Shepperton studios. We also watched The Last Leg from last night, which had little satirical content.