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2020-12-31 22:20:10 (UTC)

Helping celebrate at different time zones 🥳

First celebration with friends from a diff timezone. It's 9:20PM 12/31 at my place. So.. I was in a zoom chat and popped open a bottle at their midnight. I was in the family room when I did it and the fricking bottle just went wild. It didn't stop spurting champagne till 1/2 the bottle was gone!! Try stopping champagne from spurting out with your hand. Haha. Not possible.All it did was make it spew horizontally. I got up as fast as I could into the kitchen but no matter. It's everywhere. The sofa, phone, laptop, lazyboy, coffee table, I'm sure on the carpet. the kitchen floor. Everywhere but into my champagne glass.😤 So I was forced to clean up what I could. My friends were laughing at me. hehe. Good times. Next one should be just for me on the west coast of U.S. Then later, my friends from Hawaii will zoom with me if I can stay up. I'm sure I'll be plastered by then. I didn't even buy any champagne but looking around my other fridge and spare room, I managed to find three bottles. Don't know if I should be proud or ashamed. hehe. All good.

Need to clean up the sticky mess and get back with my friends. Chat again in a few hrs :)