2020-12-31 22:07:44 (UTC)


add a tablespoon of butter and Frank's Red Hot Sauce,
spread it over 12 microwaved homestyle breaded nuggets,
and earn yourself a day's worth of vomiting -
perhaps if i hadn't eaten a freshly meal, nuts, a cupcake,
and another meal prior.

i can't figure out what it is i really want anymore. it changes all the time.
this year is about to end and i have no resolution.
resolutions are dumb. and they don't work if you tell everyone what it is.
same for social media. they want to help give you the tools to build an image.
because they want you to be image building versus living life.
but i'm tired of looking for picture perfect. i need to look for what makes me happy this year.
2020 came hard and fast for every single soul on this earth. i was no exception.
despite having a new boyfriend, i was challenged in many other aspects of my life.

understanding the brain has helped me gain a little more control. hopefully i can gain more, little by little, no matter how frustrating the rate.