My thoughts through living.
2020-12-31 18:47:41 (UTC)

A new life

I'd like to start again. again and again and again. Making pancakes has nothing on re-making again again. the again again is now. We are thought to only again once btu im sure we can again again. it was done before my teachers told me if we again again again, all my ppains will go away without out the filler pain that goes where the pain used to be. it should be fine to again. I see the againing in proses. its somethign im told only few can watch. its because I'm one of the new gods. the old gods told me thign in my mind. others cant see the old gods because only the new gods have them in their minds. I hear fireworks. they burn, btu not as much as the again. again will free me of the pain. how useless the new gods are, nowign nothign without teaching. the old gods are great.