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2020-12-31 10:37:52 (UTC)

New year happenings!! 😊

Soooo, got another invite for New Years but man it's a far drive. Pismo beach at some beachfront hotel. Sounds like fun I'm sure. I had to turn it down though. I have the work after hours "hot phone" so I'm the first Engineer they will call if some poop hits the fan at work. Sigh.... it would've been nice but I know if I went there, I wouldn't be bringing my laptop to the bonfire at the beach so I have to be a good boy and turn that invite down. Actually, I think I'm good with just staying home and not hosting anything this year. Last year, we had so much fun at my place. We ended up having a jelly belly fight. haha. Just a few months ago, I was vacuuming under the sofa and low and behold, out rolls a few jelly bellys. These were adults playing with them too and not the kids!!! We did and still do some stupid things sometimes. 😛

Today is a nice day at work. No new tickets assigned to me. The other big project didn't rear it's ugly head yet so all good so far. Everyone is in good spirits at work. Another good day as always. Makes the coffee taste even more yummy. I wonder if there is a cologne that smells like coffee. If there were, I'd get it. Speaking of, I didn't get my sample perfume collection from Parfum De Marly yet. I was gonna give it to my Superstar friend. She is into perfumes too and I know she'd love it just like how I love colognes.

No gym sessions this afternoon. There is one online session at 12PM. I think my bones should be awake enough not to creak at that time so I'll be doing that for lunch I suppose. I was going to go to Costco to buy some ribs to smoke but I still got so much sushi leftover from last night. My friend didn't know till she got to my place but she was not charged for the sushi boat I told her to get. That in itself was a $120 order. She didn't know and she ordered all kinds of sides and extra sashimi too so we ended up having a fricking Japanese luau (if there is such a thing).

Only got one weird text from someone so I count that as a good drama free night and just four more days before I take my truck to the truck beauty salon 😊!!!!!! I can't wait. I'm really excited about that. I better like it because I can't be buying more dang toys aka: Need to have stuff for awhile because I dumped so much cash into this. At least it's a lot for me anyway. I'll be back to top ramen for awhile. Kidding..... but maybe not kidding 🤪

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