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me and my life
2020-12-31 16:24:51 (UTC)

Last day of the year

Ohhh my god what a year I had... All unorganised, unpleasant surprises, difficulties, breakup bad one, betrayal, shocked with few people that V and more morons, marriage breakup, lost job, lost father which is still unbelievable, lost bank balance, lost confidence, wasted hell lot of time, totally unproductive year on professional end, moms health stress and yeah of course Covid. These were all few to mention, I and my god knows how much I have been gone through, how much I cried for v which he doesn't deserve, how much anxiety I had for mom, how much I strived for my sister during her delivery time, how much my heart ached to know that I'm jobless and out of money, which I was some day proud of to be earning and looking after my family, how much stress physical and mental I had. Am sure I might have more to face and I'll face it. Because this is life, destiny and a bad phase of life. No matter what had happened all this year it made me stronger mentally, emotionally, physically I realised my responsibility, I realised how much and how fine j can handle difficulties all alone. Am nothing but proud of self. I have sure lost many things and people but I have also gained a lot with all these bad experience which I'll use in my life ahead.
New year is obviously not gonna change everything it's just a change in number and calendar time will heal with its time. And bad time will surely end soon and when I'll look back I'll see myself much stronger than before. There are many things to work on my health, job, marriage and have to start saving up from scratch. I hope to meet someone good who will value me, put me in first, respect me so will I. I am sure God has good for me. I trust him and his timing.
I pray for good year and good life to everyone. I pray bad time ends soon and God give strength to everyone.
Happy New Year! Have a happy 2021 hurrayyyyy