If I die today
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2020-12-31 07:51:18 (UTC)

free loss

I have a new ring on order so that mystery ring that singifiatied my commitment to God or .. is it to JK? I was a fence person so who knows but I was loyal until I almost wasn't. But guess what has been in my heart is that as much as I prayed and prayed for purity. I'm FREE now I don't have to screw anyone for any reason and IDK whats gonna happen with the divorce but I don't wanna be this moral comprise. I want ot change and I have no exuse for what I want who I want to be as far as honoring God and holiness I have a chance now to break off the whole sex thing. Guess I will face the bridge of love when I am there but patience it will be I want to be loveable genuin true and prepared to face the LORD and nows the time of repetnce I'd like to do it . So if I die today I would like to think of myself purely it counts right now I'm not choosing to chance sex or feed the beast anymore I don't know what this life is gonna offer and who's gonna wait but this next ring is for God I went with Gold. its surgical steel so Idk how long it'll hold up but its replaceable in present times for 5bucks. so thats that. Anyhow God is faithful to providing an out and JK was my best excuse for comprise and adjustment and who knows if that man was my idol or if he still is but I wanna change I want the LORD and I want to be special and valued and self controled and when I offer myself to someone I wanna have something good to offer and I wanna have something to offer to the LORD I wanna be free and healed.