Experienced Life
2020-12-31 02:12:20 (UTC)

Gym and Belated Birthday dinner 😊

Slow day at work. Calm before the storm more like it 😱. So I'm enjoying the moment while it lasts. So during mtgs, I'm having to play the game with some showmanship in hopes of getting promoted one day. Usually, I don't give a darn. I just do my work and la-de-da. All good and the more I do, the less my fellow Engineers will have to do making their life easier. But now? I have to toot my horn to show all the blind upper management all the work I've been doing. So there is a little dog and pony show going on. Not liking it but a promotion would be nice so.... I have to play the game.

Did the gym thing today. I think I understand what is happening with Coach Eye-Candy now. I guess we are playing a game and I'm supposed to chase her now? Uh... not happening. It's so important for me to keep my gym pure of anything else but friendships and getting my fill of happy body chemicals. No longer tempted with coach eye-candy and to be honest, I felt something weird today. Coach looks exactly the same as before but for some reason, she isn't looking as eye-candy as before anymore. Can't explain it but my eyes see the same physical person but my mind no longer sees her as eye-candy. Weird huh? Reminds me of the movie Shallow Hal. Well, it's all for the better. So tonight, she posted our gym stuff and tagged me in it. Not gonna bite and just stay silent. Best response I think. Just focus on the workouts and my gym friends there.

I forgot Heidi had set up a belated birthday dinner for me today. Heidi hooked me up with guests, food, and we had it at my place since we have a lockdown going on. We had sushi and when I say we had a lot, believe me, it was a lot. Only four of us were here tonight but we had a lot of food. I couldn't even show all the plates of food we had. Heidi sort of mixed up on the orders and we had an overkill of food instead. We had three bottles of sake. Oh yeah. Man, I am stuffed.

I checked my gym progress. It's my 2nd month since returning from surgery. Arms are actually looking not bad for Sponge Bob arms. Legs? Not quite there yet. Strength is not bad. Noticed during working out that my frog jump landings are not so graceful. Should land like a ninja or a cat. Instead? I land like a turtle flipped over on it's back. I looked at my legs and they are not toned pre-surgery yet. I get too impatient and antsy. I should be patient. Gone for 3 months then expect it all to come back in month or two. I should jump rope every day for a month and see what I look like at the end of Jan. Not the tonest of legs for sure. My cardio is ok so I'm glad about that.

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