London Life
2020-12-31 12:26:20 (UTC)

The scavenger hunt

I managed to finish sorting out my Top 100 tunes of 2020, but couldn’t post it online as the music site didn’t seem to be working. I spent a lot of time getting it into a format for Instagram.

We went for a walk to Brecknock Road, where the Indian vegan hot food shop was shut, though we popped into the little organic food shop. We continued to Kentish Town, and I got a wrap in El Mono so Jack could use the Gents. I ate it by the children’s play area, where we watched the kids interact, until the park closed at dusk, by which time I was getting cold. I'd enjoyed the walk though.

In the evening I did a quiz with Abi, Cas, Charley, Emily and Jacqui. It was fairly boring, especially the food/drink, film/TV and sport rounds, about which I knew little. The best bit was the scavenger hunt. In one challenge, we had to find and put on three bits of PPE equipment. I found a hat which belonged to a fetish sailor girl outfit, a big light blue puffy rain jacket, and a glove for a mask.

There was then a list of twelve items we had to find within a minute, but we had to look in our group-chat to find the list, and I was distracted by a message from my dotty sister who was suggesting I’d been hacked. I reckon I would have been able to find eleven of the items: Dental floss, spatula, record, hat, tinsel, butter, house plant, shampoo bottle, old coin (which I did produce in time), phone charger, and light bulb (maybe). I wouldn’t have found a disco ball, which probably no-one did. So instead of finishing last with 34.5 points, I’d have got 45.5 which would have put me ahead of Abi (who left before the scavenging) and Emily who got 41.

None fo the girls taking part were among my favourites, except possibly Jacqui. Two of them, Abi and Cas are leaving London, and Ben who ran the quiz has annoyed me for some time. I corrected him on two answers, one about ‘Tenet’ being released just before covid took hold, which was untrue, but he didn’t actually admit he was wrong, and the other an out-of-date question about how many continents the virus has been found in. I was wondering beforehand whether to bother with the event, and I had an alcoholic drink (from Jack’s sister) which I regretted.

Afterwards we watched a television programme with Stephen Fry about “firsts” of the twenty-first century, year by year, which was quite interesting, especially the earlier years, but the depth of content was a bit thin.