from my heart
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2020-12-31 00:53:00 (UTC)

last day of 2020

1:02 am

2020 was a good year despite the bad. i think this year not only me but people all over the world struggled a lot. the pandemic really affected everyone in many ways.

i learned that people leave too easily and unexpectedly. and im trying to come to acceptance with the fact that people cant always stay in my life and that if they choose to leave, i have to let them go.

it made me want to do better for the people that are still in my life.

this year, i felt empathetic and soft towards my mom. i felt the love she had for me and i felt so thankful that i have something like that in my life. its easy to take it for granted.

this year was hard. but i think that it was a good year overall because it changed me in many ways and for the better too.

when 2021 starts, i want to love myself. i want to really really learn to just value myself and be kind to myself. thats my goal for 2021

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