2020-12-31 02:47:01 (UTC)

Reading over old entries has ..

Reading over old entries has made me feel a bit sad. When I restarted this diary, it seemed that I was turning a new leaf. Getting sober so I could keep attending therapy. Friends with K - difficult but I wasn't to know how...

If only I'd actually responded to that letter. If only I'd remembered. If only I'd said Hey, I'm still interested, please put me back on the waiting list.
Then maybe I would've had reason enough to stay sober, and I would've had adequate support and not felt so lonely.

How about I wake up tomorrow and take some dex and tidy my room? And then I can take the gerbils. And I can text my nephew to get J's deets and get some work.

A plan. I have a plan. It's OK. I'm OK. I just have to remind myself and not spiral. I still have time. I'm still breathing.

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