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2020-12-30 09:21:54 (UTC)

Haha. I expected that 😏

Not so long ago, I would not have expected it but nowadays? Yeah, I knew it was a possibility. So after I got the cold shoulder from coach eye-candy last night, I thought it was for the best. Keep my gym pure since not too many things about me are pure 😜. Anyway, this morning I get up and like most peeps, I check my social media stuff. Need to see where we are going to celebrate our New Year's. Only got one invite so far. Anyway, I check my Facebook and low and behold, someone was liking a few of my posts last night. Hmmm??? Yup, it was coach Eye-Candy. And that's why you don't date at the gym. 🙄 Although it did feel like I was in high school again, that's not how I want to achieve that "feeling young again" feeling. Now maybe in bed making love to someone and feeling it there would be a better situation. haha. I think maybe I did too much cardio at last night's gym session because I'm feeling great this morning. Too much serotonin, dopamine, or whatever those are that makes us feel mellow. That's before I even had a cup of coffee too.

BTW, it's so cold this morning. In my bedroom, it's nice and warm with my little bedroom heater. As soon as I walk out to make some coffee though and forget to put on my sweater like I did just now and bam!! The cool cold fresh air goes straight into my lungs and of course my boys (man parts) jump right up and seems like up into my throat. I feel sorry for the homeless peeps. They must be really cold at night. Sometimes I think about letting them stay in my garage or in my backyard with a tent and I'd have my little fire pit going for them. Not so sorry that I'd let them into my house but then I'm afraid I may step on some used needles later and my neighbors probably won't like me doing that. So instead, I usually just buy them something on the way out of the grocery store if I see them hanging around outside.

Anyway, just five more days before I drop my truck off to my truck beauty salon. Woohoo!!!