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2020-12-30 16:22:00 (UTC)

Rolando x Maris: May 19, 2019 Episode:

May 19, 2019 Sunday Episode:
Clip: Maris enjoys her birthday party:
At Maris House:
(edm music)
Robby: Rolando, here comes Maris chattering with someone.
Rolando: (scoffs) Aww come on bro, jump in there!
Mins: Get in line with Maris!
Rolando: Hey Maris!
(Briana D: Bye Maris! Happy Birthday!)
Maris: Thanks Bri! Yes Rolando, How could I help you?
Rolando: Are you having fun with us?
Maris: Yes. (gets a fruit punch in the bowl)
Jorge Alex: Maris, I sawed you and Esteban are fighting in the restroom.
Maris: (watches Me and Esteban fighting in the restroom) That wasn't mine. It was Alan.
Jorge Alex: Umm no, it was not you, it was Rolando who just gave him a heart attack.
Maris: Okay. (offers your phone)
Jorge Alex: Enjoy your party!
Maris: Thanks. (drinks fruit punch)
Alberto: Maris? Is something bothering you?
Maris: Umm no.
Alberto: I just checked on you.
Ransom: Maris, Alan suspended in period 4 in semester 1 for going out without the permission.
Maris: Wait, why are we talking about? Is this mine?
Ransom: No.
Rolando: Maris, let go out of him.
Maris: Thank god!

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