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2020-12-29 20:34:56 (UTC)

Unexpected events 🥺

I was in a mtg with upper management today. My Network team will get a big ass project coming down nice and hot. Gonna take months to complete if not a year. Damn it!!!! I really wanted to take it easy for a few days. Then the gym? Coach eye candy was so cold tonight. Just did a 180° turn from last night. Actually though, that's a good thing. I can enjoy my gym class and focus just on working out and I like it that way. No distractions. Work will be flying by too in the next few months for sure. Strange day. Both events were not expected. Now that I'm rubbing elbows with the big wigs, maybe I'll get my promotion one day. A $5,000-$8,000 a year raise will suit me just fine. More toys for this big Tot. As for coach eye candy? I guess this is the best outcome I could have imagined for me. :) Wasn't easy working out with my tongue virtually hanging out hehe.

In lighter more fun news, my truck mod is just around the corner. I count six more days before I have to bring it in. I blew so much money lately. I just paid $2,000 for two extra years of gym membership. They had an offer that was too good to pass up. I think around $5,000 for my truck mods. So all my play money is pretty much spent. It's enough to have made me even me a tad bit dizzy. Good thing it's tax time. I should get a few thousand bucks in tax return. Also got an investment that will mature in May 2021 so that'll be another $10K. Good timing for that. I think if I did ok in 2020 even with all the drama all over. I should do even better in 2021. Another kayak is in the works next year.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. The gym was pretty packed now with everyone making the gym as one of everyone's New Years resolution. Our coach once told or asked us how long before people give up on ave with the gym..... 10 days. 10 days before they quit. Wow!! didn't know that. That's why I alway suggest going to an instructor lead crossfit class and you will stay motivated. Today was Tabata Tuesday and this is where I can rip it. Just high intensity cardio. Fun fun fun. Now I'm home of course and the good juices in me are flowing. No, not the wine but that too. hehe.

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