London Life
2020-12-29 23:33:06 (UTC)

Old photos and music, revived holidays

27th and 28th December 2020

Spent some time re-arranging the slats under our bed. It takes a while to get the mattresses off and replace the slats, but it was getting uncomfortable, the way they'd moved.

Then I was looking at some old pictures of me from years ago “in public” in revealing sex-wear. They look as if I’m just casually walking in the street or park, sometimes in snow, when really I was only dressed like that for a few seconds, before I whipped my coat back on as soon as someone might be coming. It turns me on, to look at them though. I’m really glad I took them when I was young enough.

As I wasn't running today, we set off quite early on a bike ride, heading nowhere in particular, other than that I wanted to ride through Smithfield, which we never found anyway. We meandered to Bunhill Row, then through Whitechapel and along the river to the wobbly bridge (as my dad used to call it) and the South Bank. Got some coffee and a flapjack next to Blackfriars station, but Jack realised he’d dropped the flapjack (in its paper wrapping) and I had to go back and find it on the floor. Luckily no-one had trodden on it.

We had a look at the lights in Carnaby Street on our way home, and spent a lot of time in Waitrose and the corner shop buying not very much.

Pleasingly, I’ve reduscovered the 2012-2014 Top 100 stats on my work PC, giving details for thousands of tracks which I thought might be lost as I can’t get into my old "cloud" store. I’m working on integrating it into the 2014-20 lists.
We used up some more Christmas trimmings, with the carrot, lentil and nut things I’d started to make on Christmas Eve, but then found you had to chill them for two days.

I slept for nine hours, after getting less than four hours sleep the night before, due to waking up too early. I’ve been a bit worried that I’ve stopped enjoying running, since my injury slowed me down, but I loved today’s run, through Clerkenwell and St Paul’s, along the river to Westminster Bridge, and back up to Regent’s Park. 13.99km, according to my watch.

While I ran, I listened to 1970s DJ Johnnie Walker talking about his career in that decade. I’m fascinated by the 70s, while also interested in music radio, so it was a good programme for me, even though the music he chose was of-it’s-time and sounds dreary to me, until he got on to punk.

I was expecting we'd go out for a walk, as Jack hadn’t been out at all, but after my shower he was falling asleep listening to Radio 5, and we had a lovely cuddle on the sofa. He wanted to go on a bike ride actually, but he got involved in trying to re-book our trip to Glastonbury and Bridgwater, which we were planning to do this year around a race at Cheddar Gorge. He’d got an email saying we could get a discount if we re-booked the rooms. But we’d already paid 50% of the amount anyway, and we can’t trace a refund.

In the end we just walked to the corner shop and picked up some evening price reductions. Today’s meals were just salads, houmous and carrots we’d picked up cheaply last night.