Experienced Life
2020-12-29 10:38:00 (UTC)

Stupid nightmare 👹

I had somewhat of a nightmare last night. I know how and why I dreamt it too. It was because I watch the movie Quarantine. Anyway, this is how it went. I was a very young teen in that dream. Maybe around 12-13 yrs old I'm guessing. My friends were at the same age too. Funny how you can dream being that young and your mind is in that state of mind too. Not thinking about work, mortgage, wife, kids, etc, etc. Just hanging out with the neighborhood kids without a care in the world and yes, my mind was that of a young teen in my dream.

Anyway, my friends and I did some dare or exploring of sorts. There was an underground building or parking structure. At the bottom of this underground building was a monster, evil spirit or demon thing. We'd go there on a dare but we'd leave before it wakes up. So we go down there all the way to the bottom. One boy had a cheap little plastic pen flashlight. It glowed a little because the housing was just cheap plastic. I think it was orange or red (So the theory about dreaming in black and white is wrong). Anyway, we'd crawl into the place via a small area like a storm gutter on the sidewalk. May as well add a little of that clown housing to my nightmare huh? We'd go to the bottom of this place and because there was only one little penlight, we had to stick together. If someone walked too far ahead, he/she would be in complete darkness and would have to wait.. On the way up, we saw a lot of graffiti on the walls. Some just graffiti and some were probably evil symbols of sorts.

Anyway, somehow we timed it so that we'd be out before the evil spirit or whatever would wake up. That was our dare for each other. It was getting close to that thing waking up and just as we were crawling out of the exit that again resembled a sidewalk storm drain gutter thingy, we heard the bad guy stirring and getting up. All of a sudden, we heard this loud long loud sounding moan from a demon like thingy. We all got scared and scraped ourselves trying to get out quicker from the storm drain. Once we all got out, we all started to run down the street. As I was passing by the storm drain, I yelled out at the demon. "Nice orgasm you're having!". In that moment of making that scary moaning sound, the demon thingy sort of choked and laughed at my joke. All the teens were looking at me laughing as we ran down the street. End of nightmare. Woke up right after. Wasn't sure if I should be scared or laughing when I woke up. So I made coffee since I knew I couldn't sleep anymore.

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