If I die today
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2020-12-28 08:44:25 (UTC)

Its heart

If I die today althou my contrubitions to this world are less than physcial I realise that the word I is already listed in the sentece to many times. The things that attract me to people is thier time and attention . Don't get me wrong if you give me things oh yeah I'm into gifts but as far as who's a keeper in my life it's the ones who give their time and attention. Today I want to offer my time and attention and reach out to those that matter althou it's not my most favorite way to communicate I can text those who won't chat. and hey others who might answer like Ajessic, or Emichell, maybe ipatt or ynanc may anwer I sure for enna and ylindsy text is good but I can offer my attention to people today and they matter you matter. We are all here for a reason. Its been unreasonable to be bitter about noone offering me attention or time first. Right now I'm not sure that Im always the first to offer and in this moment its very apparent that I am not frequently as I like to be. And to be real I'm likely the one with more time on my hands in this phase of life so might as well offer it. So maybe it's an ear or an odd text but the impact goes beyond my glory and could change someones reality who knows who feels ignored or unappreciated or situationaly depressed or discourage. Today I have time and heart I'm very compassioniate weather hidden at times or not there is a big heart in me

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