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2020-12-28 23:01:10 (UTC)

Oh heck!! What did I do, what did I do?! 🥺

So I completed my project today. All caught up now. Also, the project that got dumped on me is now up and running. All good at the job homefront. I'm gonna sandbag a little and update my boss a tad bit later so he don't give me anything too crazy before new years. But yeah, I'm gonna skate till New Years so I can relax before the New Years. Gonna try anyway.

So.. I sort of messed up at the gym. Coach Eye Candy (as I call her in private) was chatting with me during our workout today. Nothing unusual. Just talking about our Christmas and how things were. She told me what she did and the presents she got. All cool and cordial. We chatted again after class. That's when she told me she isn't with anyone so her Christmas was simple. Not sure if she meant anything by it or it was just chit-chat but dang it!! It planted a seed in my head. Did she throw me a hint or was she just chit-chatting? It did put thoughts in my head like how it'd be nice to hug her romantically and all that. She is a cutie. Way out of my league if you asked me but man oh man, I have my rule about dating people in the gym. Even worse when it's a hot coach. She tells me this is actually her 2nd job and her primary job is a kinder teacher . That's so cool. So yeah, I'm tempted and it was my fault probably for flirting with her in the first place. Didn't think anything would stick because I was being my normal social butterfly self. Sigh.. I did this to myself and no one else to blame. Now I'm tempted to break my own rules about no dating at the gym because man oh man!!! She is so cute!! She's shorter than I am but built so.... yummy! haha. Damn it!!!

Anyway, gym was a breeze today. I lifted heavier than in the past few weeks. I had more energy of course because we didn't workout at the gym since last Tuesday I think. No muscles were hurting! We had some pent up strength today. Plus the fact that coach eye candy was being an eye candy, gotta say, it does get a man's initiative up. Especially since coach we not strolling too far from me the entire hr. All night, always near where I was. Barely going down the aisle to the rest of the gym peeps. So her standing near me all night? Can't help it. Horny-mones kicks in by default. I'm so bad and coach knows how to work it too. 😈

Ok ok. That's enough of that. In other news, Heidi called and wants to take me to a belated birthday dinner. She had covid so she couldn't go anywhere. Now that she is free and clear, she wants to take me to dinner. She is such a cool friend. I think we're going this Wed night. She wanted to go to lunch but I work and we usually have sushi...and sake..... sooooo lunch will not work for me. 😈

Got one invite so far for New Year's eve. It's a safe party. Old long time friends. Small crowd so it's Covid approved. Of course, that means I probably won't be going to that one. hehe. I need to go somewhere where I'll get into a tad bit of trouble because because. That's why 😈
Seven more days till I bring my truck to my shop. Living and loving life. I can only imagine how much more exciting it'll be once we're done with Covid. For now, I'm making the most of it :)