Carrie notes
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2020-12-29 04:27:19 (UTC)

I Have Changed

Aunt Carol,
The clock strikes twelve and BANG! Something has changed, that something is me. Yes, you heard me right I have changed, I no longer feel the need to be manipulated and controlled.
Oh but what do you care? Your the one that decided you would walk away like I offended you because I no longer want to run my house the way you do yours, I won't jump when you say jump, I no longer live beyond my budget like you think I should.
You talk about how I hurt your feelings because I didn't come to you before making my choice to change payees. But what about how you hurt my feelings when you copped an attitude cause I didn't have money to buy extra gifts after I got unexpected gifts from family or I found out about unexpected birthdays? Then after you bitched about what I needed to do, you drive out to Cabela's with me in toe knowing I was broke as hell.
If I knew that there was going to be an issue going to Nampa with you for aunt Linda's birthday party... I would have stayed the fuck home. But I was trying to be the bigger person because it was close to Christmas. I will never make that mistake again.
I hope you had fun making me feel like shit on Saturday after I went out of my way to spend my last $20. Because bitch I will never set foot in your house again.