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2024-02-29 23:12:00 (UTC)

Rolando x Maris October 14, 2019:


Clip: It's A damn Revenge Thing Max!:
At Max's House: Living Room:
Maris: Thanks for the Invite!
Max: Pleasure!
(Maris and Max are sitting down the couch)
Max's Friend 1: Why is Maris here in your house?
Max Friend 2: I don't even know. (eats Tostitos)
Maris: Hey boys! Let me get some vodka!
Max and his friends: Okay sure!
(Maris gets the Regular Vodka in the fridge, and gets a shot glass, and pours the regular vodka, and goes in the living room, and sits)
Max Friend 2: Maris, what are you doing here?
Maris: (drinks regular vodka) I just gonna destroy Esteban's things in the house.
Max: Come on Maris, it's a trap!
Maris: Absolutely. (evil laugh)

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