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2020-12-28 16:47:00 (UTC)

Maris Trending Pictures Part 5:

06-10-2019: Maris in Summer school 2019 photoshoot
06-11-2019: Maris enjoys her Ale's Day!
06-12-2019: Maris under the class table
06-13-2019: Maris holding her hobonichi 2019 planner
06-14-2019: Bree and Maris birthday challenge
06-19-2019: Eli and Maris In Lunch
06-20-2019: Maris in Outside
06-21-2019: Maris sad moment
06-28-2019: Goodbye Maris on summer school poster
07-13-2019: Maris, and Cynthia's bffs for the Cynthia @18
07-22-2019: Maris holding her sophomore sign
07-25-2019: Maris with Max on 2nd period
08-13-2019: Maris in Walmart Summer Photoshoot
09-14-2019: Maris with Rolando on nightlife
09-27-2019: Maris on the jalisco vibes
10-07-2019: Maris as Letty
10-14-2019: Maris and Max in Twitter photoshoot 2019 with lots of photo props
10-26-2019: Maris on her costume with Torres and Rolando
10-29-2019: Maris acts Lemon
11-04-2019: Maris, Murguia Panda Express photoshoot
11-13-2019: Slasher at Heritage Park moment with Esteban!
11-26-2019: Maris on the shower photoshoot with Rolando! So sweet!
12-10-2019: Maris Crying moment
12-11-2019: Maris, Leslie and Max holding the blaze pizza for $14
12-31-2019: Maris and Alex for NYE 2019
01-15-2020: Maris and Marco bff hug moment at Frida's @19
01-30-2020: Maris holding the kfc food!
02-07-2020: Maris on the Seaport Village
02-12-2020: Maris holding the basketball on Battle of the O's Basketball 2020 photoshoot
02-18-2020: Maris is not feeling well at school!
02-19-2020: Maris at home.
03-05-2020: Maris in Jack in the Box
03-06-2020: Maris in Mission Beach Photoshoot when she was sick
03-12-2020: Maris scar moment for David.
04-06-2020: Maris let's sign up for class!
05-09-2020: Maris on the Toyota Camry Photoshoot.

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