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2020-12-28 09:05:51 (UTC)

Leftovers 👅

I'm not the type of guy that usually eats leftovers. When I go to parties or pot lucks, Very rarely do I pack a bunch of food up and take it home. Even the stuff I cook, I rarely take back home except for a few things that I cook that I really really like. The one thing I don't waste is coffee. hehe. In the morning, I pray I still have enough coffee in my coffee press to nuke a cup and when I do, it's like a godsend. So leftover coffee is still liquid gold to me. And it's even more potent the next day because the water was with the grounds for over 24 hrs. It's like the Red Bull of coffees.

It's Monday morning for us all and I'm glad it's here. Back to the gym. Back to work. Days off are nice but man, if that's how retirement is, I guess I'm not ready for that yet. We all say we wish we could retire but nope, not me. Seems like I feel I still need to be doing something. Zoom-zoom. It just feels so nice to wake up and not wake up with a big load of crappy stress. I can't help but remember not so long ago that this was not the case. To wake up and then reality fills you in with whatever issues you have and like a giant wave, the overwhelming feeling of stress, grief or what not hits me and those few seconds of peace is wiped out and you're faced with the reality of whatever it is/was that is bugging you. Now? Now I just can enjoy the sweet sound of the birds in the morning, some occasionally cars zipping by and you know what? It's al good man 😊. Add a nice hot cup of coffee and my morning ritual of chillin on bed enjoying my zen moment (don't really know any zen stuff) and I'm ready to start the day. 😎

My schedule today isn't bad. A few hrs on my calendar in the morning and a few hrs in the afternoon. So I get to work on my projects in the morning and of course, I'm going to use it to relax and ease my way into this Monday day. Got a nice break for lunch then some afternoon mtgs. I should be able to put a big dent on my other project today. Then of course I will be back at the gym where I'm sure all gym peeps got just a tad bit fatter. 😱

Funny how Amazon photos are trying to become like FB. They too now post reminder pics of the past. This was from the past. My pretty hot Lithuanian friend. We went out to dinner that night I believe and she's hotter in person that the pic shows. She's even hotter to me because she said in her Country, they had to serve in the army and she learned how to strip and put back together an AK47. Now isn't that a woman you can bring home to Mama? haha 🙀. We still chat. She finally got her nursing degree/cert of whatever. Forgot what kind of a nurse but she did land a job but a little further away than she wanted but at least it's as a nurse. In time, she'll have some seniority and be able to land a spot near our area. We both live maybe around 15 min away from each other. Glad all her hard work studying and working at the same time paid off for her. Add single Mom to that too. She has a cool Slavic accent too. If you even need to be in the hospital, you'd want her as your nurse for sure. Well, if you're a dude anyway.

Well, it's time to get to work I guess. I hope it stays nice and calm like this for the entire day. Hope everyone else in the real world has a decent Monday too. If not, oh well. Sucks to be you. haha. jk.