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2020-12-28 04:26:58 (UTC)

New hope

Sometimes things change so fast is hard to keep up with change. I work on managing my time daily, for the sake of not letting it go by so fast. I see my daughter grow right before my eyes, I listen to her voice and try to remember my son at her age speak the same way. Such a wonderful feeling to still have her be a young curious kid she reminds me of myself as a child always wanting to know more. I am a good detective by nature I don't like not knowing how things work and why they are the way they are. I'm also learning to enjoy all the small things like listening to her read out loud the pictures she see's in her story book.
I went to the store today with my husband he wanted to by me a gift, so even though they did not have in store one of my favorite perfumes Escape from Calvin Clein I found Eternity. Another favorite. I also got an agenda for 2021 and have big expectations for this comming new year. Regarless of the hardships I will find within my self that inner streight to keep on moving foward.