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2020-12-27 00:29:07 (UTC)

Curfew? Whoops 😈

Got my haircut today. It was weird. There are full curtains on the front of the salon blocking all visibility. Never saw that before. The salon had signs everywhere indicating it's closed and some verbiage indicating to call ph ####. Door locked so I texted my hair stylist and let her know I'm up front in my truck. She replied, Opened the curtain a bit and signaled me to come in. hehe. So we are doing illegal hair cutting. smh. Felt like I was buying illegal drugs. I was the only one in the salon with her. So we got to talk too. While getting my haircut, she asked if I wanted to color my hair too. Uh... I dunno. But I knew it'd help out her business and I wasn't going anywhere today anyway so I said ok and to go ahead. Plus she's cute too. Didn't know coloring hair the right way takes about an hr of sitting. So I got to know my hairstylist a lot. We chatted for an hr.

She was talking about how it's hard to keep her business running. The rent is still due on the place. No breaks from the landlord of course and that's just life. All her workers are not there so she is doing what she can to keep her business afloat. For Christmas, her kiddos didn't get a lot this year. She was able to get lotto tickets from her clients and she gave those to her kiddos. She said she told them it could be thousands or dollars or nothing at all. It ended up being nothing. She asked what Santa got me. Told her my presents will be my truck mod. She too said my truck was very nice and she liked it a lot. Loved the color red. Anyway, It was a lot of fun chatting with her. . We got to know each other more. hehe. She asked me how my love life is going. Told her that I'm not dating any crazies. She told me churches have a lot of single type groups and they end up meeting and marrying. I told her my church don't have that sort of thing. Anyway, I go there to fix myself up to be a better person. She told me I should change churches. Haha. We'll see. Nice of her to suggest stuff like that though. It's funny actually. Anyway, to help her out and her family, I tipped her $25. I figure it's the Holidays and she's fighting to keep her business going. Maybe her kiddos can get something a little better than lotto tickets.

Later during the afternoon, my gym peeps were worried and asking me when the gyms are opening up and how come there aren't any classes posted for next week online? They thought the gyms went belly up and closed down. As if I have the inside scoop. Actually, I do. hehe. Had to remind that that we got notice last week that the gyms will be closed from the 24th reopening Dec 28th so chilax :) But I'm glad I'm not the only one missing the gym. Others are getting ansi about no-gym classes too. hehe. Yeah, I know exactly how they feel. But see? When you're in a group of peeps going to crossfit as a class, it makes it more inspiring to hit the gym. Much easier to do when others are in the same boat helping inspire each other. Even the suffering is shared as a team.

So I'm at home tonight. House is cold as heck. Haven't turned on the whole house heater. Got a thick sweater on. The new Assassin Creed sleeveless workout sweaters I recently got isn't going to cut it. Trying to save up on the energy bill. I could have allotted more money for energy bills and not buy stupid stuff for my truck but you know....priorities. haha. It rained today so my stack of firewood is wet. Couldn't burn that. I knew Safeway is still open so I drove out there at around 10:30 tonight . It's Saturday and the roads were very empty. Weird. It's like traffic on a Sunday morning. The inside of the store looked very empty too. I went into the store looking for only two things. Eggnog and firewood. Of course, they were out of both. So I went for nothing. I did get some milk and since no eggnog, I figure I buy some Baileys and make something out of it. I think I may have some Kalua so I can make a white russian. Not sure if I can heat that up and drink it that way. Gonna find out though 😈
Oh yeah!! I forgot!! We have a Statewide curfew!! Haha. We're supposed to stay at home after 10PM unless it's an emergency, working, etc, etc. yeah Governor!! Maybe just maybe we'd listen to you but since you were caught a few times doing your own thing, partying with a lot of people, not wearing your mask, keeping your winery business open when other were shut down? Well, that's not leading by example. Besides, the cops already announced they won't be making any efforts to enforce that new rule.

No plans for tomorrow. Gonna look for a church that has a singles group in it. haha. Not! Just kidding. I'm good with my church. I still learn a lot from it trying to make myself less of a devil. Work in progress. 😈 Eight more days baby!!

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