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2020-12-26 19:45:16 (UTC)

Back to the Shore

I made it back to the east coast shore today, and I'll be here until next year.

I already feel more comfortable than I did this past November. This place is smaller - it's about the size of my apartment at home - but it feels so much more comfortable here. The beach is right outside my window, the boardwalk is about 50 feet away, and it is quiet and comfortable here. I was serenely musing to myself that, "...Even the bowl for my trail mix is just the right size." Sure beats just grabbing a handful at a time like the neanderthal I am, at any rate.

Made a meal and a cuppa coffee for myself, and in just a bit I'll take a 5-mile walk to the end of the boardwalk and back.

At least one of the days here I'll wake up to see the sunrise. I intend to do a fair amount of writing - including penpals, a monthly goal reflection, and an annual review - along with some film-watching, reading, game design, and pancake-making.

When I am here, I'm the kid in the old karate commercial: "Nobody bothers me!"