London Life
2020-12-26 23:13:48 (UTC)

Another week staying local

26th December 2020

Woke up quite late and after a cuddle I listened to a few more tunes-of-the-year contenders then went on a planned 11km run, to and round Regent’s Park, except that I accidently left out a bit, so it was shorter than I intended. Had a shower and did more stuff on the laptop while Jack was lying sleepily on the sofa listening to Radio 4.

As it was already getting dark, we went for a walk rather than a cycle ride. It was very cold so I put on a few layers including my nice new hoodie, as well as a rare lockdown outing for the old-faithful snug little black skirt.

We were heading for Regent’s Park where I’d noticed two cafes open (as was the Lock market) but we diverted to the idyllic Chalcot Square then got a coffee and went up Primrose Hill. It being lockdown Boxing Day, a lot of London was in the dark but many red roof lights were still blazing away, many in cranes, presumably as warnings to aeroplanes.

At home I almost finished doing the Top 100 of the year, but I need to re-construct Week 1, which I don’t seem to have got a finished version of. We watched a programme about radio comedy shows which have transferred from Radio 4 (and even Radio 1) to television, while we used up more of yesterday’s meal and got full up again.
Also saw an interesting history of 30 years of Have I Got News For You. They deny they are responsible for starting Boris Johnson on the road to being PM, but the programme certainly got him famous, and familiar with the public.

Until Tier 4 was announced, we had two little holidays planned, starting tomorrow. Instead, we’re staying at home. I’m just not used to all these days with nothing in particular planned. We had a few weekends like this on the first lockdown, which was strange enough but now we’ve got another six days. We should really be doing more things in the flat, but my life, and our relationship, has always been full of planned entertainment and events, and this is strange. But it’s been a very strange year.