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2020-12-26 11:30:39 (UTC)

Still no gym yet 😱

Ok, the owner of the gym was nice enough to give his employees 4 days of paid time off. Didn't realize how it effected me though. Forgot I have a lot of friends there that I socialize with and the natural chemicals that I'm so used to creating from working out is now running on nearly empty. Gonna have to push myself to lift a few weights at home to get my Sponge Bob arms a little toned I guess.

The biggest help I know will be to get on that jump rope. Not sure if I ever described it but after awhile, you get into that zone when jumping. Usually, I have the music on to jump rope to but sometimes, I actually turn off the music and I can go even faster. You hear the pace of the rope and all of a sudden, you don't even realize you're jumping anymore. I almost get into this funny state where my mind just clears. Almost hypnotic because all you hear is the rope with the constant slapping of the rope off the floor and the whooshing sound as it spins in the air. All I end up focusing on is the number of jumps to keep tally. Then when I really get into it, I sometimes just close my eyes while I jump. Not sure if I noted but you're not supposed to let your heels hit the floor while jumping. So your calves and surrounding leg muscles end up getting a really good workout.
Today, I will try for a new record of 1,600 jumps. It's harder now because I'm about 5 lbs overweight of what we call at the gym Covid weight. 😀 It's not really that hard to jump so many. I never timed myself but I can do 100 in about a min maybe? Not sure. I'll time myself one day but I know for sure I can do it before the minute and a half marker.

While I have Sponge Bob arms my legs are pretty toned and pretty strong. So like when we're doing pushups, especially Spiderman pushups where you bend one leg like you're gonna crawl up the wall but not let it touch the ground, then you do a pushup? Hell no! I struggle and at times, I wish there was a phone a friend option to help me do those. But when it comes to leg work? Pfffft!! I can do squats way past 90° all day like it's nothing. So now I miss the gym even more thinking about it. I'm my worse enemy at times. 😳

Today I don't have much to do. My hairstylist called me asking if I'm going to cut my hair soon. I told her not if I have to be outside to cut it. Too cold for me. She said she'd do me inside. We are defying our Nazi Governor's ruling I suppose. I don't think hair salons are allowed to be open indoors yet? Dunno. Don't care. I have an appt today at 1PM with her. I always give a good tip during Christmas. It's a belated present but still, cash is always accepted no matter what time of year from what I know. πŸ˜† Still funny how hair stylists are like bartenders and they remember the chat you had with them from the last time which in my case is usually every three months. Here she is. Cute too :)

No other shin-digs are happening but I haven't checked my social media lately so I could have missed an invite. Last year, I hosted a New Years eve party. This year? Nah, I'd rather go to one than to host one. lol. We'll see how it goes. Here's my flowers I got for this week. Seems kinda plain lookin but it sorta looks Christmas-sy so I bought it. Still nice to look at when I get up in the morning. That's all I got rattling around in my head this fine Saturday morning. I know there is the Covid thing going on so I know you might be locked down. But hey, it's not like in the old days. For the folks that aren't doing so well during these times, remember we have the internet. We have social media. Facebook, Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, Youtube, and all those other apps to dive into. You aren't really alone anymore. Actually, it's pretty hard to be alone anymore with all the social apps around. Use it! Enjoy it. Enjoy being able to chat with friends in an instant if you can't physically go out.

P.S. My friend that had a stroke is doing better. He can move his arm again and he has feeling in his leg again. Great news!!! More PT should get him back up and running soon. So smile folks. Christmas just passed and everyone should still be in a holiday spirit. New years is coming. Another great reason to get blasted out of your mind if you chose to party like a rock star. Although I started my own "New Years" resolution early, it's a good time to reset some of the things in your life that you may want to work on. Exciting time of the year to be alive!!! As for me at the moment, getting up from bed to go to the kitchen for my 3rd cup of coffee seems to be a great accomplishment for me at the moment so yay me!!! I did it!! haha πŸ€ͺ . Oh yeah, nine more days until I get to take my truck in to get modded!!!!! Aaarrggghh!!! The anticipation!!!!! πŸ™€Hehe. Have a great day folks and happy holidays!!

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