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2020-12-25 18:03:28 (UTC)

Recovery 😡

Woke up this morning and could hear my heartbeat and the flow of my blood going through the side of my head. Yup, I was hungover alright. I checked and saw I was in my underwear. A little scared but turned to look at the other side of my bed hoping there wasn't anyone laying next to me. Yeah, drank that much last night. Shots kept being passed around so that's what happened. Play with the big boys? You pay the price the day after. Anyway, after finding out I was barely dressed, I was so relieved that there wasn't anyone in bed with me. Yup, it was one hell of a night. Last night was just a blur. So of course, I check my phone for proof and a little fear of what may have transpired. Here is what I saw. Had to laugh. My friends drunk attempt to karaoke :) After Heidi kept asking and asking and asking some more, I broke down and went to the party.

I did absolutely nothing all day. Just coffee. Glad the gym is closed. Not in any condition to do any workouts. I checked my scar from surgery. I've been using silicone tape on it and it actually does help clean up scars. So it does work. Hmmm. Told my friends about it last night and they said scars are a thing now and it's an "IN" thing. Ok, yeah. Maybe that's true but it's not my thing. hehe.

The group loved the smoked ham I made yesterday. Also brought some smoked ribs that was originally for me and for my other friends I was gonna drop it off to but took it to the party instead. Ribs were wolfed down so fast. Good think I still have some at home that's frozen but cooked. Last night was pretty much a liquid diet. Now that I don't feel so queasy, I'm hungry.

All I did today was acknowledge Merry Christmas greetings from friends texting and on fb. Of course, Carrie and even my Ex wife sent me texts stating the same thing. Ok, I was nice and replied with the same nicey-nicey reply posts.

Boy, still thinking about last night. I really pounded the drinks hard. It was one of the nights where it was just a big blur. I'm done with alcohol for awhile meaning I'l be back in 24 hrs. hehe πŸ₯³And the guy I sort of had a conflict with in the past? He was there too. When I brought over the ham, he said that there were two hams now. Lame ass joke trying to give me crap. I bit my tongue and just smiled and proceeded to do a mock golf clap acknowledging his lame joke/insult towards me. later he went to grab some food. Needed a knife to cut the ham. He told me to bring a knife from across the room. I didn't live there so I asked my host Shanti for a knife and we needed it for ham. But before she could get it, butthole yelled again for me to bring a knife. Now get this, he didn't even bring any food. Don't think he knows how to cook. So I told him if he wanted to have some ham, to get a "fuxxing" knife himself. That got him to back the hell off. hehe. He tried a few times again last night to press my buttons. I didn't even bother looking at him because I was already talking to someone else. I just raised my arms quietly and gave him the finger. Mike dropped and he backed off the rest of the night.

Ok, I need to see what stores are open. Too lazy to cook unless it's something easy like a Papa Murphy's pizza. That's it for now. Enjoying my nice quiet Christmas day :)

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