London Life
2020-12-25 23:21:18 (UTC)

You can't buy half a red cabbage

25th December 2020
Jack was wide awake as I was trying to sneak out of the bed at 07:30, to do a pre-cuddle run, so I came back to bed and we listened to a podcast and a bit of Radio 5 comedy.

We had a big breakfast of beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and scrambled tofu, and I eventually went on my run about midday, around Somers Town and up to the Oval Road bridge. I wanted to do 8km today, 11 tomorrow, then a day off, then 14, 17, another day off and then a half marathon distance on New Year's Eve. However, my watch still isn't picking up GPS and Strava goes mad in places, and gives me ridiculously fast stages. So I'm not even sure how far I ran today.

We had a call with our niece and nephew in Hong Kong. Sophie is nearly 20, still a model, while also doing a Bio-Chemistry degree. Scott was teaching basketball but that stopped with the virus. Then we went on a bike ride up to Hampstead Heath, where it's always good to see the children with their new presents.

We went via the bridge at Saversnake Road and up past Parliament Hill, where we sat for a bit watching the people walking by, to woodied areas and eventually meandered round to the Highgate West Hill side. It being Christmas Day, there were many other girls in mini-skirts. They look even better when it's cold like today, and they've got woolly hats, big scarves and thick jackets on, which makes their legs stand out all the more. There were some beautiful legs on show.

The ice cream van was there but he wasn't doing hot drinks so we cycled back through Kentish Town and the High Street. I had a lot of cooking to do: bread sauce, stuffing, sprouts, suede and the potato topping for the shepherd's pie. Also the red cabbage, which was a huge amount, but you can't only buy half a cabbage.

Jack spoke to his family while I finished off the Top 100. I'd missed a query last week about whether the chart would appear this week. Also I'd put the same track in two positions last week.