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2020-12-25 23:00:00 (UTC)

Rolando x Maris: December 11, 2019: Wednesday:


Clip: Maris, Leslie, and Max: Watching Videos at Public:
At Pizza Place: Leslie and Max are enjoying the videos at pizza place:
Leslie: Maris!
Maris: (takes off my sunglasses) Leslie! (sits next to you)
Leslie: I am so glad that you came Maris! So how was your class?
Maris: (middle finger) Sucked!
Leslie: (drinks root beer) Why suck? Is it true?
Maris: Yeah, everyone stared at me because I don't have enough money.
Leslie: Oh shut up Maris! It's just fun!
Maris: Is that your laptop?
Leslie: Yeah it is. My mom gave it to me. I have some of this fight moments.
(seen in this video at Leslie's Laptop):
Maris: You are so rude!
(Maris emotionally cry)