■ Captain's Log ■
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2020-12-25 09:10:04 (UTC)


How thou Genesis.
It startles as mention of God.
And the divine of creation to love.
My mare just woke up..
from some twenty years of detention,
by the neil to the cross..
lest the romance of truth would leads.
Bible parables should i buy..
Life scarce a scarborough fair.
but did you feel the words..
not wantings.
Jesus cursed a fig tree.
Hungers of miracles..
A God chosen the race as the Father.
Romans counting the days of rolls of cross.
I am not a scholar to set a no mercy opinion to the Armageddon.
The prophacy of the end refers to wage of sin is death..
within time- attainment.
words.. or.. Jesus.
My lie lasts His days.
guess the rain draws me here.
An atheist would help out some tales and stories.
Religious to Religion.
How do we meet..
The star of Bethlehem.
choir of voices and sounds..
donkey machines to fix..
what made you still love her.
far away.
In need of a Religion.