London Life
2020-12-24 23:41:47 (UTC)

Jack's three blunders and two of mine

Thursday 24th December 2020
Spent most of the morning doing the Top 100 and catching up with new releases. Jack asked me where we should go for lunch. I suggested What The Pitta which he rejected, which made me wonder why he'd bothered asking. He was going to Argos to pick up my cycling jacket. There was a huge queue outside (it was one in, one out) so he said I could get What The Pitta after all, but it was shut. So he suggested I went to Pret, but I noticed Tapioc did a choice of two vegan wraps, so got one of each.

Jack finished with Argos, but instead of phoning, he messaged me that he was coming to meet me, I didn't see the message so we missed each other.

Finally we went to eat the wraps by the Cobden statue; he got a coffee from Pret but I didn't have time for one. Then he told me he hadn't got his keys, though he'd realised it just after we left the flat, so could have gone bsck. So as I needed my bike keys, I had to separate the keys so I could give him my door keys.

I cycled along the canal to a task in Bow. I just got there in time and saw Beth H and Sree, but Jack had written to say I'd given him the wrong key: the shed key instead of the mortice. He hadn't got his debit card so had nowhere to go but sit by the canal.

The lady organising my volunteering didn't seem to be there, though I tried to phone her. Another lady told us to go round the side, where we saw Ceiling in a funny hat. A bloke also arrived, who I didn’t recognise but who said "Lisa, you've had your hair cut".

Ceiling was as usual well organised, separating biscuits from chocolates. We wheeled some carriers out, and sorted some food donations ourself. I separated out tins with meat in. We all think Ceiling is amusing, but I think her voice has a lot to do with it. When the lady in charge said "go where those tiles are", Ceiling said "I can see lots of tiles" and it was really the way she said it that was funny.

It wasn't very busy along the canal so I got home fairly quickly but Jack had been out for three hours. He'd bought a phone charger for £25, as he was down to 3%, and he also remembered that he could use his phone to buy things, so spent some time in Morrisons.

I wanted to get some ingredients for our dinner tomorrow but Waitrose shut at 18:00, and we only just had time to go to Sainsbury which was shutting at 20:00. Back home, I started to make roast carrot and lentil bake, but when I'd done most of it, I realised that it had to be chilled for two days, so I started doing some shepherd's pie instead.