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2020-12-24 04:41:08 (UTC)

What Am I Doing Anymore?

Dear Diary,
Do you ever wish you could away? Like go somewhere far away. Somewhere where you don't have responsibilities. Somewhere quiet and peaceful. Like the mountains, or in the woods. Just, somewhere to get away from this cruel dark world. I've been scrolling through TikTok for a while, and all I get these days are like serious TikToks, and awareness TikToks. I know it's a good thing, but is it bad that I can't deal with it right now? Is it cruel? I just feel like, I can't deal with all that. I just wanna escape to a place where this doesn't exist. I'm so tired today. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. My siblings are getting on my nerves. I wish I could live alone sometimes. Without people. People suck. Not all, but most. Everyday feels the same. Wake up, and just be on tech all day while laying around. Now, with COVID and shit, I can't do anything fun or enjoyable. Netflix is getting old, we don't have Disney or anything like that, hell even anime's getting boring to watch. Entertainment is getting scarce. I just hope humans will be better in 2021 or something, because I can't take anymore of their shit. I'm so fed up right now that can't think straight. Schools are kinda fucked. I was watching a TikTok, and it went like a Transgender girl named Avril, commited suicide because of what her school did. I won't go into too much detail, but she was getting scolded for wearing a skirt, and was being bullied by her classmates and the staff at school. They even misgendered her while they announced her death! Like what the fuck?! No action is being taken and it makes me sick. This world can burn in hell for all I care. Only the good ones go to the good place. Bad people can burn in hell or whatever you believe in. This year is fucked, and if it's not getting better, we're all screwed really.