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2020-12-25 22:37:00 (UTC)

TikTok With Murguia:

Aired On: December 24, 2020 Thursday:

Murguia and Camila: Hey Guys!
Camila: It's your bitch Camila Redona!
Murguia: Soy Jorge! And today we have the Tiktok Photoshoot!
Camila: Yes! Yes! Yes! So I am wearing this clothes from Zaful! And Here we go!!!
Murguia: These are not your Zaful clothes, it's from Guess!
Setting Up The TikTok Photoshoot:
Murguia: We're on the set, and Camila is doing with the glow transformation look, and she is super damn good!
(the makeup artists are doing the makeup for Camila glow transformation)

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